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Hi guys, I am a happily married Mum who was raised most of my life in Melbourne. My Dad is from Australia and Mum's a Lankan. Im a mix of both worlds. I enjoy life with my hubby trying out new things but he doesn’t take part in my sessions. Im a sexually active person and it runs in my genes from the dutch grandparents i had :) I want my clients to have a good time with a different experience and i treat my clients differently depending on whatever they require. Some love to cuddle and some to have a smoke with.. I have a strict criteria in whom i choose to be with, Therefore please dont get dissapointed if i dont welcome you if you dont behave respectfully. I am a very clean woman and of decent ettiqutes. Im very choosy in who i meet and i expect you to be a gentleman when we meet. You can read my reviews to understand me better and "unwelcome" doesn't mean you need to leave a negative comment. Im not some hooker off the street to entertain every man who messages me, so leaving a negative "fake" comment doesn't affect my life what so ever. I do have a family life so excuse me if i don't reply on time. For me, safety comes first, so please don’t request for anything without a condom. We can still have fun while being safe ☺️ Message to the haters, "nothing about me is fake"!!! I am as real as can be and you can find out for yourself if you video call me after having a decent chat with me. Other women online do not accept reviews for the very reason that men spam and shame them simply because they cant afford her. A big thank you to all the lovely people who took the time to leave me a beautiful comment. Please check my availability before booking a room because I only see 1 client a day and I might be booked on the day ur available.. Please don’t ask for pictures on WhatsApp because I don’t send them out as they end up being passed around and on other fake profiles.. All my pictures are real and I have the tattoos to prove it.. Cheers ?

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